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Marketplace Managed Services

Intensifying competition in ecommerce market is compelling sellers to expand onto additional online channels to drive growth and gain market share. However, selling across multiple platforms is a complex process. Lack of experience and expertise to effectively manage the entire ecosystem of marketplaces right from listings to sales often restrict sellers’ ability to boost sales across online marketplace.

To combat these challenges, Springbord offers Marketplace Managed Services that help sellers launch and manage inventory across online sales channels effectively. Our team of experts bring in years of experience in dealing with the most popular marketplaces, enabling them to help you seamlessly sell on multiple marketplaces and grow your business.

Springbord Marketplace Managed Solution

Our comprehensive portfolio makes us one stop shop for all your marketplace management requirements. We have experience in managing popular channels like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Newegg, Walmart, etc. and we follow industry best practices to ensure channel optimization. Our services include:

Product listing optimization

Optimizing product feed as per marketplace listing requirements. Identifying the most relevant and profitable keywords, creating keyword rich title, 5 bullet points, detail description, specification of the product and optimizing the image according to the marketplace standards.

Product Listing Onboarding

Using appropriate template, we add inventory information and save data in tab-delimited text file format. This text file is then uploaded for processing through Upload Multiple Items option in the Manage Inventory section from Seller Account. In addition, uploading product using product API further eases the onboarding process, ensuring quick turnaround.

Product Image Optimization

We edit product images to meet marketplace standards related to resolution, size, number of images and image quality to ensure seamless and quick product listing.

Inventory Management

We manage inventory using automated process that enables us to update the stocks, restock products sold and also ensure all the inventory information are available including UPC/EAN/ISBN, title, price, and quantity.

Amazon A+ Content Creation

We create informative, engaging and compelling product descriptions supported by keyword-rich product listing and visually appealing product images and detailed product specifications.

A+ Plus Detail Page Layout Creation
  • A+ Plus Content Writing
  • High Resolution Images, Product Photo Editing & Optimization
  • Metadata and Keyword Selection
  • Unique Product Descriptions Writing
  • Vendor Central Detail Pages & Content Uploading

Marketplace Marketing

Amazon SEO

  • Product Ranking Service
  • Using competitive keywords and implementing amazon algorithm requirements we help boost your page ranking and ensure that your product appears at the top of the search result page.

  • Keyword Research
  • We search and identify a wide range of most profitable keywords and sub-keywords to ensure your product is visible for every related search, generating traffic and boosting sales.

  • Amazon Advertising (PPC, SMM, SEM)
  • We help manage PPC, SMM, SEM campaigns enabling you to reduce advertising cost of sale (ACOS) and boost product ranking, improving campaigns’ results and ROI as well as generating sales.

Amazon Product Review management

Amazon ranking algorithm is based on sales and reviews. We help you manage reviews for the sold items from the customers as per Amazon’s T&Cs, thereby improving product ranking and visibility.

Why Choose Springbord?

We help our clients expand onto multiple marketplaces, promote brand, list products and manage inventory to improve product visibility and ranking and ultimately boost ecommerce sales across channels. We also assist our customers to automate the listing process using third-party tools and create custom data feed from their website. We help optimize our clients’ marketplace performance on a monthly basis as well as expand onto newer platforms at an affordable cost.