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Lease Abstraction Services

Real estate companies need quick access to abstractions of relevant data from their leases in order to ensure that they do not miss any financial obligations or relevant deadlines. Lease abstraction also helps realtors keep up to date on payment histories, renewals, and terminations. However, lease abstraction is often a very time-consuming process, and it therefore helps to have a lease abstraction company on your side to extract the valuable data you need from contracts and other paperwork so that you do not have to.

Springbord lease administration services can shoulder the load instead, helping you to focus your attention on actually growing your business. We can do this by offering a team of lease analysts that are concise, accurate, and punctual. As soon as you need a specific set of information, our analysts will have it for you.

Springbord’s lease abstraction service:

Content Solution: English Lease Abstraction

For companies looking for English language lease abstraction, Springbord can certainly help. Our experts can provide you with customized summaries for all financial, business, and legal provisions found in most leases, and we can send you reports in any format you desire. These lease abstracts can be easily incorporated into your company’s financial system or similar such applications.

The reports will include whatever information you specifically desire, though you can hope to expect the following and much more.

  • Critical dates
  • Operating expenses
  • Options and rights
  • Square footages
  • Security deposits
  • Rent projections
  • Income projections
  • Items of concern
  • Prohibitive and exclusive usages

Our English lease abstraction services are also notable for the following features.

  • Precise data
  • Thorough analysis, including of any addendums or amendments
  • Abstraction of pertinent basic details and other information as well as financial figures

Content Solution: Multilingual Lease Abstraction

Springbord offers multilingual lease abstraction services - our lease analysts have abstracted leases in 19 different non-English languages, including French, Arabic, and Chinese, and depending on yours, we might be able to help you. By using multiple quality language checks, we are also able to ensure supreme accuracy as it pertains to your information.

Springbord is a cost-effective option for any real estate company looking for quality lease audit services. Contact us to know more on how our lease abstraction services can help you.