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Transforming and Enriching Industry Information Publisher's Content

Perhaps no industry has been affected more by the digital revolution than industry information publishers. With the advent and growth of Internet-based communications channels such as digital broadcasting and online publications, industry information professionals are faced with the daunting challenge of demonstrating the value of the company information services they provide while at the same time securing high-quality information with limited resources.

This is no easy task. B2B Information providers must not only deliver high-quality and reliable data, but must make it available through relevant, user-friendly interfaces while continually investing in new value-added services and making these services available in a cost effective manner.

Springbord’s deep domain knowledge and strong focus on data quality enables leading business-to-business information providers, directories and publishers, B2B database providers, bid information providers, energy data providers, and legal publishers to meet these challenges.

Energy Information Providers

Springbord's services to energy information providers are broken into three important categories:

  • Company Intelligence: Our data base and research experts will constantly and reliably update and maintain directories and databases of oil & energy related suppliers, buyers, manufacturers and distributors, including company and contact details.
  • Price Intelligence: We'll aggregate and normalize real-time data updates on price information to generate price reports on the oil & energy market, and latest market news from numerous, credible online sources
  • Industry/ Market Intelligence: Springbord will continuously track and update the latest news related to the various oil and energy market segments and project developments, such as pipeline projects, mergers and acquisitions and import/export intelligence.

Business to Government Information Providers

Springbord provides information collection and processing services to companies that generate databases of government projects open for bid. Our staff will search numerous government websites to identify bid documents and transform the contents into searchable databases that can be made available to builders, subcontractors, product manufacturers, and other interested parties. Our services are broken into the following categories:

  • Project information: Springbord will aggregate and maintain project information using state-of-the-art harvesting tools and human intelligence. We'll collect data from relevant sources and then normalize, categorize, and enrich it to suit the specific needs of information providers. We can also track project status all the way from the original bid announcement through to the awarding of the contract.
  • Business entity information: We'll aggregate and maintain records of business entities such as architects, manufacturers, suppliers and government agencies, including names, business descriptions, products and services, addresses, websites, latest news, and any other information that is important to our customers.
  • Product information: Springbord will also aggregate and maintain bid data relating to the products that are required from various sources, such as product manufacturers and supplier's websites. We'll collect product descriptions, technical specifications, product photographs and other images and data as required by information providers.

Legal Information Providers

The following services are offered by Springbord to providers of legal industry information.

  • Source identification - Based on key words recommended by Springbord and approved by the client, our experts will conduct a custom Internet search to identify the most appropriate data sources, classify the sources as either free and paid, and identify those sources where automation can be applied and those where manual intervention will be required. Database size, fill rate, and other specifications are agreed upon by the client and Springbord prior to the commencement of a project.
  • Data Aggregation - Build & Maintain People Database:
    • People information processing - Springbord will provide a number of people information processing services, including identifying free public sources for information on attorneys, law firms, expert witnesses, and so on, via an automated aggregation process whenever feasible. We will intervene manually when necessary. This service also includes validating, cleansing, and enhancing partial/missing data; conducting ongoing data quality checks; and
    • Content value addition - Enhanced listings mean better search engine rankings. Springbord can help by creating deeper, wider content and additional attributes and features, including ratings and reviews by clients and peers, grouped searches that retrieve multiple attorneys with similar expertise and geography, and links to the LinkedIn profiles of legal professionals.
  • Entity XML Tagging - XML tagging builds relationships between different entities in case documents, resulting in better and more efficient search results. Springbord has deep knowledge of XML tagging, relieving our clients of the need to develop this expertise in-house.
  • Semantic Tagging - Springbord's expertise in semantic tagging creates effective searches, richer exploration of archives, and fast retrieval of information by displaying products that are similar to what the user is looking for. In addition, semantic tagging uncovers other products that are related to the search.
  • Contextual tagging - In-content advertisement Springbord can create tags for advertisements with key words, synonyms, and related information. As with entity XML tagging and semantic tagging, the benefits of contextual tagging are directly related to improved search results and a more satisfying experience for users.
  • Open web strategy/data extraction - The process of retrieving data from so-called unstructured sources such as web pages, also known as "web scraping," is a considerable technical challenge. Once the data has been located, it must be extracted (or scraped) and imported into an intermediate extracting system, then transformed so it can be stored for subsequent retrieval from a database. Springbord's information experts are experienced and highly efficient at scraping the web for content that can make the difference between a mediocre and high-quality database.
  • New business model/accelerate sales conversion - The traditional model for content creation has proven to be a reactive, inefficient process that is slow and arduous. With an average content creation time of 2 to 3 months, it's no wonder this model limits the generation of incremental revenue. The Springbord model is a streamlined process that is proactive rather than reactive. Content creation time per entity is reduced from 2 to 3 months to a mere 7 days, reducing prospect conversion time and increasing our clients' sales conversion rates
  • Taxonomy and Classification - A well - planned and well-executed taxonomy is critical to the organization, categorization, and subsequent ability to search and locate previously unstructured data. Springbord helps clients organize their data into logical categories and subcategories and then by topic and type that relate specifically to their business, allowing them to connect users to content of interest. We work closely with clients to understand their needs so the taxonomy we construct meets their specifications.

Dynamic Profiling

Dominating the social media conversation is a matter of connecting with the most influential voices. However, due to the very nature of social media, conversations and key influencers can change at a moment’s notice, making it hard for your business to keep up. Dynamic profiling is the perfect tool to help your business stay ahead of the social media curve, but, unfortunately, many people are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of dynamic profiling, or how it can be useful in business applications. Keep reading to learn more about dynamic profiling services and how you can use them for your business by partnering with Springbord.

Profiling Options for Every Situation

One of the most indispensable tools of marketing is knowing what voices are dictating the conversation surrounding an industry or product. In the world of social media, these people are known as key influencers, and identifying them is one of the largest tasks of dynamic profiling. Whether targeting a specific person through individual profiling, or examining key influencers across a wide range of products and industries, dynamic profiling allows your business to identify the voices most influential in your industry.

Being left behind, or missing out on an important conversation can be extremely detrimental to your business, which is what makes social media monitoring so important. Social media monitoring allows your business to stay up to date on the most important conversations happening across multiple platforms, keeping a finger on the pulse of your industry and staying abreast of the most current news and important dialogue.

Similar to social media monitoring is social media listening, and it is just as important. Social media listening works like a scalpel, providing you context for what is driving social media conversations and how it directly influences your business, giving you a better idea of how to engage in these conversations to your benefit. Social media listening gives you access to such information as:

  • Marketing research
  • What your competitors are doing
  • Who is influencing your industry

For businesses that care about having all the information at their disposal, there is no better tool than social media listening.

Why Your Company Needs Dynamic Profiling Solutions

If you’re still skeptical about your business’s need for dynamic profiling, then it might be helpful to examine some of the benefits, particularly related to social media listening. First, dynamic profiling allows you to see, in real time, how the world perceives your brand. Secondly, dynamic profiling allows you to keep track of what your competitors are doing—an invaluable tool. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, dynamic profiling allows you to understand and address customer needs, helping to drive your business. Dynamic profiling is one of the best tools for making your business responsive to constantly shifting social media.

The Benefits of Choosing Dynamic Profiling from Springbord

Choosing dynamic profiling for your company is as easy as signing up with Springbord. The Springbord team possesses the expertise necessary to handle even the most complex dynamic profiling tasks, helping your company become a social media force. On top of that, Springbord offers some of the most flexible, affordable pricing available, making these services more accessible than ever before. Contact us today for more information.

To know more about Dynamic Profiling, visit our website now.

A Powerful Service for Managing Business Relationships – Whether you Need to Quickly Build Trust with New Business Partners, or Nurture Your Most Important Relationships

At Springbord, we have the same challenges you have when it comes to forming new business relationships. Like you, we need to be certain we are partnering with someone who is fully-qualified to do what we need. We see the credentials, but how do we know we can trust them until we have sufficient information that indicates they have the knowledge, skills, and experience we require?

That's why we created Dynamic Profiling. It's the perfect service when you need to quickly gather extensive information about a potential business partner. With the following Dynamic Profiling results, you can be much more confident in deciding whether or not to do business with someone.

  • Demographics – age, marital status, number of children, type of home, city of home, income, and education
  • Psychographics – personality traits, values, hobbies, interests, and personal goals
  • Career Path – credentials, certifications, continuing education, top skills, work history, affiliations, achievements, and professional objectives

Dynamic Profiling takes full advantage of the Internet's massive information vault. Our agile IntelliSearch engine crawls hundreds of websites, blogs, forums, and news sites. It also monitors Social Media channels to see what your prospect is saying – and what other people are saying about your prospect – on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, Google+, Slideshare, and Pinterest.

A Goldmine of Intelligence and Insight

Dynamic Profiling does the work of dozens of meticulous researchers in a fraction of the time. When the Dynamic Profiling scan is complete, you get a comprehensive report on your prospect. The curated content is a goldmine of intelligence and insight because:

  • People are candid and straightforward in Social Media interactions, and Social Media listening captures every word they type. Review their Tweets, blog entries, forum comments, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn posts to get a sense for their knowledge, personality, integrity, creativity, ideas, enthusiasm, and leadership skills.
  • Professionals publish different slices of their history and accomplishments on a variety of sites, and Dynamic Profiling finds it all and assembles it into one concise report. Review their educational background, work experience, and business successes to understand how their career has developed and where it's headed; do their goals align with yours?
  • Pictures, spoken presentations, and videos show you what words cannot always tell you. See and hear them in action. Review their YouTube, Instagram, and podcast activities to get a sense for fit; is this someone you want to work with?

Dynamic Profiling enables you to quickly construct a clear picture of a person you've never met, and helps you decide whether or not to take the next step. If you conclude you shouldn't contact them, you won't have wasted any of your valuable time or energy with emails, phone calls, and meetings where you try to figure out if the relationship would be mutually beneficial. On the other hand, if you decide to connect with them, you'll know so many details about their personal and professional past – and about their talent and ambitions and character – that you will have developed trust for them before your first conversation. Ultimately, successful business relationships require a strong foundation of trust. And now, with Springbord's Dynamic Profiling, there's a way to build trust faster.

Nurture Your Most Important Business Relationships

Dynamic Profiling is also the nucleus of an ideal system for nurturing existing relationships. When a key business partner posts an innovative idea on a blog, you'll see it. When someone else mentions them in a forum, you'll see it. When a website compares their product with their competitor's product, you'll see it. When they win an award, or take a new leadership position, you'll see it. If they say or do anything that's captured online, you'll see it.

And then you can respond promptly. You post a comment to their blog. You call to congratulate them for the award. You email them to make sure they are aware they were mentioned in an online forum or competitive review.

When you reach out like this, it's difficult to measure the effect. However, you can get a sense of the impact by imagining how you would feel if one of your professional colleagues called to applaud your recent award. Or what if they texted a compliment regarding your valuable blog post? Or emailed a link to the site where your company received a five-star review you didn't even know about? Whatever reaction you'd have is likely the same reaction you'll get from your business partners when you offer such timely and thoughtful remarks. Those reactions illuminate the benefits of using Dynamic Profiling to nurture your most important business relationships.

Social Media Listening – Measure the Vital Signs of Any Company or Product … Including Yours

There are other applications of Dynamic Profiling, and they have exciting implications for your business. One component of Dynamic Profiling is the monitoring of Social Media sites. This monitoring if often called Social Media Listening, and you can use it to gain comprehensive and unblemished market insights of your competitive marketplace. We offer Social Media expertise that enables your business to gain a deeper understanding of industry needs, customer sentiment and experiences, and competitor landscape.

Our compelling social strategies dynamically deliver informed, salient insights to key decision makers in every sphere of operations – from product development, to marketing campaigns, to customer experiences. We provide you with periodic customized reports containing extensive actionable recommendations – recommendations that empower you to manage your reputation and unleash your brand's value.

Five Applications of Social Media Listening:

  • Identify social trends and enable your organization to understand the unbiased public outlook on your business, solutions, and services, as well as your competitors and their services
  • Capture – and even predict – customer sentiment, opinion, behavior patterns, and satisfaction levels, so you can be fully aware of your customer dynamics
  • Empower your business's development by discovering potential customers and generating new leads
  • Analyze the effectiveness and outcome of campaigns so you can refine your strategies appropriately
  • Identify key influencers within social network channels, and optimize social media outreach efforts, so you can reach the best audience most effectively
  • We know these uses of Social Media Listening will bring a tremendous competitive advantage to companies who depend on accurate and timely market research to drive their decisions and strategies. Contact us today to get started with our powerful Dynamic Profiling service.