Business Information Service Provider to make your business more profitable

In a tough economy characterized by fierce global competition and rapidly changing customer needs, businesses of all sizes are hard pressed to achieve their profit goals. So when they hire a business process outsourcing firm to help them reduce costs and focus on critical bottom-line activities such as customer acquisition and retention, it's important that they partner with a company that can deliver reliable professional support at a competitive price. That's why many companies have turned to Springbord, the Business Information Service Provider.

Financial Services

  • Entity research
  • Corporate hierarchy data research
  • M&A database creation
  • Company name maintenance
  • Customized research & support

Yellow Pages

  • Data discovery
  • Data management solution
  • Business intelligence & Lead generation
  • Local shopping platforms


  • Real time flight status updates
  • Flight schedule tracking
  • Airline operator profiles
  • Fleet, aircraft and traffic data
  • Disruption data
  • MRO contracts
  • Social intelligence service

Real Estate

  • Lease abstraction services
  • Lease analysis
  • Reference data
  • Transaction processing
  • Real estate appraisals


  • Catalog services
  • Product description writing services
  • Online product price monitoring
  • Taxonomy management
  • Product image optimization
  • Product attribution service

Information Publishing

  • Energy information providers
  • Business to government information providers
  • Legal information providers
  • Dynamic profiling