About Us

Springbord - Experience the Best of Business Services

Business process outsourcing is a critical strategy used by many companies to reduce costs and allow them to focus on client acquisition and retention. Springbord is a leading global information service provider that develops custom data acquisition & processing solutions for a broad spectrum of industries. We employ a wide range of leading Internet-based capabilities and other resources to provide business process outsourcing services to clients in every private and public sector.

Our services have reduced costs, increased productivity, and driven business growth for organizations around the world. The support services Springbord offers are extensive, ranging from performing mundane tasks such as word processing, data harvesting, data entry, and travel planning to strategic activities that include data management, lead generation, custom market research and business intelligence, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) database development, and much more.

Springbord is a part of the Enerji group that offers services in the realms of data, content and design space. Springbord represents the data division of the group and render customized data solutions to diverse industry segments.